Scoring Services

The Office of Academic Testing provides exam scoring services for faculty using the NCS general purpose answer sheet forms of 16504 (5-choice answer sheet for up to 200 questions) and 93329 (10-choice answer sheet for up to 120 questions).

Guidelines to be communicated to students at the beginning of each semester:

  • A Number 2 pencil should be used on these forms. Forms should not be bent, folded, creased, or torn. Stray marks or other writing should not appear anywhere except where indicated on the form. Changed responses should be erased completely with no apparent smudges. Improper scoring or unprocessed answer sheets may occur in the event a student uses pen or marker. A crossed-out answer with a bubbled-in answer (multiple answers) will not be read by the scanner. Correction tape may be used to remove the incorrect answer.
  • A student's name must be left-justified on the answer document. That is, the first bubble must appear in the leftmost column of the grid for the answer sheet to scan.

Guidelines for faculty:

  • Exams should not be sent through campus mail. A faculty member or a representative is responsible for dropping off and picking up the exam(s).
  • Each individual exam must be accompanied with a faculty test scoring request form and an answer key. The Office of Academic Testing provides pre-slugged answer keys. Faculty may create their own key by bubbling in the letters "ANS" (then leave a space) and the letters "KEY". The answer key needs to be on the same form as the answer sheets used for the exam. Multiple answers on the exam key will not be processed by the scanner. The answer key should be in front of the students' answer documents. Improperly sorted forms or extraneous documents will interrupt the scanning process.
  • Exams need to be delivered to the 2nd floor of the Student Services Center (SSC), Room 210 and recorded in our log-book. When the exam has been scored, a call will be placed to the extension designated on the request form. The answer sheets should be picked up in a timely fashion. The Office of Academic Testing is not responsible for storing exams. If a student questions a score, you will need to have the answer sheet available for review.