Proctoring Services

The Office of Academic Testing proctors paper-based and computer-based exams in adherence to the proctoring requirements of the external sending institution.  For Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's students, the office will only proctor exams for fully-online courses.

The external institution will:

  1. Send the exam and supporting material in one of the following formats:

    Postage mail: 
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, 
    Office of Academic Testing, 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5769
    Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5769


    Fax number: 361.825.5506

    The Office is staffed with two full-time proctors.  Both can be reached at 361.825.2334.

  2. Provide thorough directions for proctoring the exam. Specific information must include but is not limited to: date(s) and time allotted for testing; whether or not book(s), notes, calculator, formula sheet, and/or scratch paper are allowed for testing; a name and phone number to contact with any questions.

  3. Provide specific rules for the proctor, including what to do if cheating is suspected (e.g., confiscate the exam) and what to do with exams that are not taken.

  4. Provide a mailing address for mailing back the completed exam(s) and/or related material(s). If the results are to be faxed, please provide a valid fax number and point of contact.

The Office of Academic Testing will:

  1. Receive exams for students and sign the appropriate paperwork. However, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Academic Testing to verify receipt of the exam.

  2. Make the student aware of any specific exam guidelines (e.g., no notes, no open books, etc.) and administer the exam.

  3. Return the completed exam provided by the institution in the method designated by the external institution.

  4. Destroy any exams not completed by the stated deadline, unless requested to handle otherwise.

  5. Not be able to answer questions pertaining to the exam content or grade the exam.

  6. Charge a fee for administering the exam. A fee of $20 will be assessed for exams up to 3 hour and a $30 fee for exams greater than 3 hours.

The student should:

  1. Call the Office of Academic Testing to verify receipt of the exam.

  2. Allow for sufficient time to take the exam when setting an appointment.

  3. Come prepared with the necessary/required supplies to take the exam.

    Bring a current and valid photo ID bearing your name and any approved materials for your specific exam.

  4. Allow sufficient time for normal mailing of the exam(s).

  5. Let Academic Testing know if there will be a need for special accommodations.

  6. Let Academic Testing know how much time is allowed for the exam and if the exam is paper/pencil-based or computer-based.

  7. Student will call/email the Office of Academic Testing to request an appointment.  Appointments will be made based on schedule availability and the length of the exam(s).  Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the appointment time. The Office of Academic Testing is located on the 1st floor of Corpus Christi Hall, Room 124. Please see our contact page for more information regarding our office hours and location.  The $20 proctor payment must be made prior to scheduled appointment time: