Pass/No Pass Policy

Each upper-division student may take up to two academic courses (eight semester hours maximum) graded on a pass/no pass basis during a particular degree program. These courses (if passed) will count as part of the total needed to graduate, but will not enter into calculation of Grade Point Average. Designated general education requirements and specific courses required by the major/minor, including required foundation courses outside the discipline of the student’s major, as approved by the college of the student’s major, cannot be taken pass/no pass, unless so stated in the catalog. A course that has been recorded as P cannot be used as a component of general education requirements or of the major/minor field of study. Students will indicate to the University Registrar their intention to take a course on a pass/no pass basis before the 12th class day (census date) of a fall or spring semester or the 4th class day (census date) of a summer session or term, as shown in the class schedule. Once such a declaration is made, it cannot be changed on any account including a change of major or degree designation. The faculty member will not be informed that a student is taking the course on a pass/no pass basis. Pass/no pass grades are not used in graduate courses.

Pass/No Pass Declaration Form

This form allows a current student to elect that a course be entered as a Pass/No Pass option to their academic record. Please review the Pass/No Pass Policy.