Alternative Grading Systems

Certain courses proposed by individual colleges and approved by the Faculty Senate may use the alternate grading system CR/NC when the standard system authorized for the University (A, B, C, D, F, I, IP, W) is not considered appropriate. CR/NC is a designation of the University given to certain courses, all of whose students receive one of these grades; P/NP is an option that a student may designate in any course, subject to the restrictions above.

The total number of credit hours earned at this University outside the standard grading system (e.g., grades of CR/NC or P/NP) that a student may apply toward the baccalaureate degree is ten (10). No more than seven (7) semester hours of CR/NC may be in a student's major field of study. The hours graded P (pass) or CR (credit), given in those instances where standard letter grades are not used, will not be applied in computing Grade Point Averages nor influence student eligibility for academic honors.