Grade Changes

Change of Grade
A change of grade (among the values A, B, C, D, F) may occur only if there has been an error in computation or recording of the grade or if a change has been ordered as a result of the grade appeal process. A grade may not be changed because of consideration of work completed following the end of the grading period for which the grade was issued. If not associated with the grade appeal process, a grade change is initiated by the instructor of record
and approved by the Dean of the college of record. In rare circumstances, the approval of the Provost may be required. To be valid, a grade change must be submitted to the University Registrar on or before the last day of the next regular semester following the term in which the grade was originally issued, and on the form provided for that purpose.

Grade Appeal Process
As stated in University Rule 13.02.99.C0.03, Student Grade Appeals, a student who believes that he or she has not been held to appropriate academic standards as outlined in the class syllabus, equitable evaluation procedures, or appropriate grading, may appeal the final grade given in the course. The burden of proof is upon the student to demonstrate the appropriateness of the appeal. A student with a complaint about a grade is encouraged to first discuss the matter with the instructor. Please review to University rule 13.02.99.C0.03 .  You can find the Student Grade Appeal packet HERE

For complete details, including the responsibilities of the parties involved in the process and the number of days allowed for completing the steps in the process, see University Rule 13.02.99.C0.03, Student Grade Appeals. These documents are accessible through the University Rules General Academic Policies and Regulations web site.

For assistance and/or guidance in the grade appeal process, students may contact the Division of Student Engagement and Success.

Removing the Grade of Incomplete 
The notation of “I” indicates that work in a course is satisfactory but incomplete (certain work is postponed by the student for substantial reason with the prior consent of the instructor). This work must be completed by the last class day of the next regular (fall or spring) semester, unless the instructor designates an earlier date for completion. If the work is not completed by the appropriate date, the qualitative grade provided by the instructor on the incomplete notation application will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and will replace the “I.” An incomplete notation cannot remain on the student’s permanent record and must be replaced by a qualitative grade (A-F) at the conclusion of the next regular semester. If the grade of “I” has not been changed at the conclusion of the next regular semester, it will be changed to a final grade of “F” by the Office of the Registrar.

Removing Grade of Incomplete-Military (IM)
The “IM” notation may be given to a student who is called to active military service and who consequently can no longer attend class. Such a notation may be assigned if the student is passing a course, but will not be able to complete a term paper, examination, or other required work for the course before the end of the semester or session because of the required active military service. Assignment of the “IM” notation requires the approval of the instructor. Normally the “IM” grade is not assigned unless the student has completed a substantial amount of course work. The remaining course work must be completed by the last day of the next regular semester (Fall or Spring) following the student’s return from active military service. The “IM” designation will remain on the student’s permanent record if the work is not completed by the appropriate date. For more information on options available to students who are called to active military service, please see Students Called to Active Duty in our University catalog.