Multiple Measures Assessment (MMA)

As part of the THECB's CRSM-2023 grant, TAMU-CC is now also employing Multiple Measures Assessment, or MMA, to directly place students into college level coursework based on high school performance after taking the TSI Assessment and not meeting the thresholds for college readiness.

Starting in Summer 2024, the following measures can be used to place incoming students into corresponding college level work:

  • Has taken the TSI Assessment and not met the benchmark for college readiness in Math, Reading, and/or Writing;
  • A final high school GPA of 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale); 
  • Four consecutive years of ELAR taken in 9th-12th grades; and/or 
  • Four consecutive years of MATH taken in 9th-12th grades

NOTE: Students who are placed via MMA must have already taken the TSI assessment and not met the benchmarks for college readiness!

For questions about MMA placement, email us at