House Bill 5 Waivers

In accordance with the Texas 83rd Legislature of the State of Texas House Bill No. 5, Section 10, under Section 28.014 of the Texas Education Code, each school district is required to partner with at least one institution of higher education (IHE) to develop and provide College Preparatory Courses in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) intended to prepare students for success in entry-level college courses. 

Successful completion of a college preparatory course in ELA or Mathematics allows for a waiver of TSI requirements at the institution of higher education with which the ISD has a Memorandum of Understanding. TAMU-CC currently has a Memorandum of Understanding for college preparatory courses with Region 1 and Region 2 in South Texas, as well as Texas College Bridge.

For students who took an approved college preparatory course, the waiver is good for a period of two years from the date of high school graduation with respect to the content area of the course. Once enrolled, the student has one year to complete a college course in the respective content area.

Incoming students who qualify for a House Bill 5 (HB5) waiver should reach out to us at to process the waiver, ideally before attending Islander Launch.