College Readiness Courses

Students who are identified as being not college ready (NCR) in Reading, Writing, or Math based on the TSI Assessment are required to complete college readiness courses. All of TAMU-CC's college readiness courses are linked to college-level courses in what is known as the corequisite support model. Often these corequisite support courses are taught by the same instructor and provide extra time to work on the material under their guidance.

Students who are not college ready in Reading and/or Writing are required to enroll in an ENGL 0099 course that is linked to a section of ENGL 1301, preferably during their first semester.

Students who are not college ready in Mathematics should enroll in the appropriate corequisite support course based on their Math pathway (and signified by an "N" in the section number):

College Level Corequisite Support
MATH 1314 (College Algebra) MATH 0214*
MATH 1324 (Business Math) MATH 1024
MATH 1332 (Contemporary Math) MATH 0099
MATH 1442 (Statistics) MATH 0242*
PHIL 2303 (Logic) MATH 0099


* MATH 0214 and MATH 0242 are graded courses. Students can become college ready in Math based on earning a C or higher in MATH 0214/0242 regardless of their grade in the linked college-level math course.


Dropping College Readiness Courses

Students should consult with their instructor prior to dropping any course, but especially before dropping their college readiness courses. Students are permitted to drop both the college level course and corequisite support course, or they may choose to stay in just the corequisite support course if desired. (For 0099 courses, there is no grade, so dropping is not necessary.)

Note: Students cannot drop just the corequisite support course and remain in the college-level course. (For example, a student enrolled in MATH 1314 and MATH 0214 cannot drop only MATH 0214 and remain in MATH 1314.)

If students elect to drop their college-level ENGL or MATH/PHIL course, the drop will count towards their six state drops. However, dropping corequisite support courses (MATH 0214, etc) does not count towards the six state drop limit.