Program for System Admission (PSA) Advising

Overview of Program for System Admission (PSA)

The Program for System Admission (PSA) is an alternative admission program for selected students not offered freshman admission to Texas A&M University. PSA provides students the opportunity to attend a Texas A&M University System institution with the goal of enrolling at Texas A&M in College Station after one year.

For more information on PSA admissions, please visit

As PSA advisors we want to help you any way we can. However, if you have questions regarding any of the subjects below, it is best to contact them directly. They can give you latest and most accurate information. 

For your TAMU-CC admissions status call (361) 825-2624.
For Financial Aid call (361) 825-2338 or go to the Financial Aid Homepage.
For Scholarships call (361) 825-3703 or go to the Scholarships Homepage.
For Housing call (361) 825-4663 or go to the Islander Housing Homepage.
For tours call the Islander Welcome Center at (361) 825-8687 or go to the Island Welcome Center Homepage.