UC Administration Offices


Management Office (UC 215):

The UC management office contains the UC Director, Assistant Director, Business Support Specialist, and Administrative Assistant.  Next door in UC 218 is the UC Marketing and Events Coordinator and Marketing & Events Graduate Assistant

Info Desk (UC 116):

The UC Info Desk staff include the UC Events Coordinator, Reservations & Information Specialists,  Reservations Graduate Assistant, and Operations Graduate Assistant.

UC Administrative Staff

Contact us for assistance or questions related to the University Center.

photo of Rick Reyes

Ricardo (Rick) Reyes

Director, University Center
UC 215 
(361) 825-5205 

Shannon Mitchem

Associate Director, University Center 
UC 215 
Photo Coming Soon


Assistant Director, University Center  
UC 116
Photo Coming Soon

Aiden Prater

Events Coordinator
UC 116A
(361) 825-3135
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Javier Escamilla

Business Coordinator I  
UC 215
(361) 825-3645
Photo Coming Soon

Michaela Patton

Administrative Assistant
UC 215 
(361) 825-5202

The University Center serves as the "living room" of campus.  Providing inclusive facilities, services, conveniences, and programs for the University community, which enhance their daily lives on campus and afford them the opportunity to learn, know, and understand one another. The student is central to this mission, as the University Center serves as a laboratory for teaching student leadership strategies and human relation skills through work experience, involvement in student organizations, and experience in program development through execution.


  1. Provide facilities and programs which encourage learning, growth, and leadership.
  2. Enhance student experiences outside of the academic classroom.
  3. Develop and manage resources to efficiently and effectively achieve the mission of the department.


  1. Demonstrate reflective thought and analysis in ethical decision making.
  2. Understand others whose backgrounds differ from their own.
  3. Student employees will demonstrate effective communication skills.
  4. Demonstrate effective analysis of information.
  5. Identify risk management practices and justify why it is an appropriate solution.
  6. Students will demonstrate their ability to integrate knowledge learned in training with work experiences.
  7. Provide quality programs, activities, and services.
  8. Promote involvement in programs, activities, and other services to campus.
  9. Provide well managed facilities which are safe, clean, available and enjoyable