Alternative Breaks

What is Alternative Break? 

Alternative Break provides an opportunity for students to make the most of their winter or spring break by venturing across state borders and becoming immersed in a national social issue for six days while they volunteer their time for an important cause.  


The Alternative Breaks program provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage and become immersed in direct "hands-on" service and experiential learning that are outside their everyday comforts of life. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Recognize how everyday leaders shape and impact their community and the world. 

  • Recognize the challenges families may face with immigration. 

  • Understand the complex nature of community engagement and community building as a function of responsible leadership and global citizenship. 

  • Encourage active participation in the community and increase participants’ civic engagement. 

  • Demonstrate proficient teamwork, communication skills, and leadership development as an active citizen through the immersion experience upon our return to the TAMU-CC community. 

  • Goals of Alternative Break 

  • Educate: to educate participants on the critical cultural, social, political, and structural issues of communities in Texas and nationwide. 

  • Engage: to involve participants in direct civic, service and leadership projects in new communities. 

  • Theory of Practice: to provide opportunity for deep reflection and meaningful connection to knowledge, skills and values through the academic, personal and social experience at TAMU-CC. 

  • Critical Thinking: to challenge participants to think critically about their role, purpose and responsibility as a member of the community. 

  • Application: to empower participants to discover their purpose, vocation and place as active citizens agents in the world and create next steps for community involvement. 

  • Global Citizenship: the student will be able to articulate the value of service and its impact on social issues.