Academic Forest

The Academic Forest is a collection of 3-foot trees decorated to reflect academic majors on campus. It is a fun way to provide students and community members with a visual representation of the broad scope of academic majors at TAMU-CC, while connecting with the seasonal theme.

Departments who choose to participate will be given a 3-foot tree to decorate in a manner that reflects their content area or represents the department in some way. Each department may request one tree per major. Festival attendees will vote for their favorite tree. The department with the winning tree will win $100 in catering credit.

Additional Details:
  • Undecorated trees will be delivered to the department admin by November 10.
  • Decorated trees need to be set up and decorated in the UC Tejas Lounge between noon on November 17 and noon on November 18.
  • Trees will remain on display in the University Center Tejas Lounge until December 15.
  • We will provide an extension cord (for lights).
  • We will provide a sign to identify the department or major associated with each tree. The sign should not list student club or organization names, only the major and/or department.

Use items unique to you and your department to decorate your tree. Decorations do not need to be elaborate or complex.  We would rather have your department represented with something simple, than not at all. For inspiration, click through the slide show below that includes of some trees from previous years.

Academic Tree Forest

Check out the some previous trees in the forest!


A special thank you to our sponsors!


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