College of Science and Engineering Student Grade Appeal Process

A student who believes that their final grade reflects academic evaluation which is arbitrary, prejudiced, or inappropriate in view of the standards and practices outlined in the class syllabus, may appeal the grade given for the course.  

The University policy, process, and timeline for Student Grade Appeals may be found at

A brief summary of the process is: 

  • The student should first meet with the faculty member who assigned the grade to try to resolve the disagreement without starting the formal appeal process.
  • Should the student and faculty member be unable to resolve the disagreement, the student should submit a formal written appeal to the Department Chair for that course.  This appeal should be submitted no more than 20 business days after the start of the next long semester.  The University form for the student to use is on  page 1 of Student Grade Appeal Packet.
  • The Department Chair will meet  with the student and faculty member to try to resolve the dispute.  The Chair will make a written statement of findings, including a decision on the grade under dispute.  Should both the student and the faculty member accept the Chair’s decision, the process ends here.
  • If either the student or the faculty member does not accept the Chair’s decision, a grade appeal hearing will be convened.  The College’s grade appeal committee will hear evidence from both sides of the dispute, and issue a recommendation to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Based on the evidence collected at the hearing and the recommendation by the committee, the Associate Dean will issue a final decision. 

For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Szczerbinska, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at