Spring 2023 LSAMP Undergraduate Scholars

A current list of our Spring 2023 Undergraduate LSAMP Scholars, corresponding majors, research topics and  faculty mentors:

Laura Button
Environmental Science
Seasonal Cycles Effect on Water Nutrients in Baffin Bay
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorina Murgulet
Angelina Garcia
The focus of Angelina's study is to characterize certain behaviors of surfactants to be used as a drug separation tool and a drug delivery system.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eugene Billiot
Emily Brennan
Emily's research focuses on developing an artificial neural network framework for the solution of differential equations arising in science and engineering. Her goal is to develop a Python platform to simulate and compare with the available analytical solution.
Xitlali Gallegos Cruz
Decarboxylated amino acid surfactants are being studied with various diamine alkane counterions. Six different surfactants with two different amino acid head groups are being examined.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fereshteh Billiot
Ignacio Rudea
Ignacio's project will investigate the diversity of seagrass epiphyte biofilms from several sites with anthropogenic impacts that include high nutrient levels and high levels of suspended sediments.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keisha Bahr
Emily Cano
Emily's study will elucidate the cellular cascade that occurs when corals experience environmental instability and will therefore provide better support for reef resiliency and restoration in the face of climate change.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dara Orbach
Samantha Maupin
Samantha's research project will test the novel application of a land-based tool to measure the body sizes of free-swimming dolphins off Port Aransas, Texas, and compare data with measurements simultaneously collected by a UAV flown over the same dolphins.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kirk Cammarata
Quincy Walker
Atmospheric Science
Comparing seasonal changes in community biodiversity of epiphytes on sea grasses in sites with differing nutrient conditions.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chuntao Liu
Allison Wilkins
Allison's study aims to understand the tornadic convective systems and their properties from radar observations over the United States.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chuntao Liu
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Daunte Gaiter
Marine Biology
Daunte's study will monitor the local population of bottlenose dolphins and quantify how they are impacted by the heavy anthropogenic disturbances in the Texas Coastal Bend. 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gregory Stunz
Fabian Castro
Molecular Biology
Fabian's study will research the health of fish in Corpus Christi Bay by running tests on the top three diseases that are the most common in the region.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kirk Cammarata
Hoang Wong
Industrial Engineering
Fitted Silicon-Edged Foundation Mask
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jangwoon Park


Julie Romano
Electrical Engineering
Developing Algorithms for Determining Attributes of 3D Scans of Odd-shaped Objects
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu

Brandon Riley Musial
Electrical Engineering
Remotely Controlled Limb Model IoT
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu
Ryce Hailes
Examining the distribution of insectivorous birds over an elevational gradient on the Western Coast of Ecuador
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shawn McCracken
Austin Willson
Marine Biology
Composition and size trends of coastal shark and fish species in a land-based fishing tournament in Texas
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kesley Banks
Andrew Johnson
Assessment of Water Quality in a Model Coastal Bend Canal Community
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Turner
Anya Isabelle Ocampos
Biomedical Sciences
Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Drugs and Other Contaminants in the Blubber of Bottlenose Dolphins
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dara Orbach
Veronika Mehkyle Castaneda
Civil Engineering
Applying earthquake loads to structural FEM to leverage multi-hazard performance-based design
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Miguel Cid Montoya

Reyna Barajas
Biomedical Sciences
Poly-Lipoic Ester-Based Coacervates for the Efficient Removal of Organic Pollutants from Water
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Olson
Aryn Rodriguez
Biomedical Sciences
Time-course Analysis of the Behavioral Changes Induced by Aversive Space Training In the Mollusk Aplysia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Riccardo Mozzachiodi
Alexander Ray
Atmospheric Science
Atmosphere-ocean interaction over the Gulf of Mexico
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Toshiaki Shinoda