Research Mentors

Dr. Kar

Dr. Dulal Kar

(361) 825-5878

Research Interests:

Algorithms, Network Architecture and Performance Measurement, Network and Information Security, Information Retrieval, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Steganography


Dr. King

Dr. Scott King

(361) 825-5877

Research Interests:

Computer Graphics: Facial Animation and Modeling, Real-Time Graphics, Rendering, Scientific Visualization; Face-to-Face Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Starek

Dr. Michael Starek

(361) 825-3172

Research Interests:

Geospatial Remote Sensing and Analytics, including LiDAR and UAV approaches, for study of natural and built systems with emphasis on Coastal-Environmental problem domains.

Dr. Yadav

Dr. Mamta Yadav

(361) 825-2688

Research Interests:

Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication Networks, Network Science, Mobile Computing, and Robotics.

Dr. Yadav

Dr. Jose Baca

(361) 825-2144

Research Interests:

Modular Robots, Training/Rehabilitation Robotics, Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles, and STEM Robotics.


Dr. Carlos Rubio-Medrano

(361) 825-3436

Research Interests:

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime Analysis, Software Verification and Validation, Secure Software Construction, Mobile Augmented Reality, Voice Command Assistants, Energy Delivery Systems, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).