The Cyberinfrastructure for Research in Science and Engineering (C-RISE) project is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project under the NSF CC-NIE program. The project received funding in fall of 2013, with major work to begin in 2014. It is a collaborative and interdepartmental effort being undertaken at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) under the leaderships of Dr. Dulal C. Kar of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences and Mr. Terry Tatum, Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of TAMUCC. The C-RISE vision is to build a high performance science DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) at TAMUCC that will facilitate fast, low latency data flows among internal as well as external research collaborators and accelerate research in coastal, marine, atmospheric, and geospatial computing sciences.

TAMUCC has invested significantly in developing these sciences at our campus, hiring new faculty and researchers, building a network of research collaborators, building equipment infrastructure, and supporting graduate and undergraduate programs in these fields. C-RISE will further this investment and promote the TAMUCC mission to conduct research on the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in its preservation and sustainable uses of biological and natural resources for the economic and environmental well-being of the region, and to share this research with the community at large.

This multi-year project, by establishing a science DMZ and by providing upgraded Cyberinfrastructure, will enable researchers to access and transfer data in a way that bypasses the general campus network and routes scientific traffic through fast data flows between data centers operated nationally and internationally.