Teams Info


  • (2/22) From the chemistry event supervisor:  "All glassware and chemicals will be provided for Chem Lab. We do ask that all teams bring their own aprons/lab coats and goggles though."  Forensics and Detector Building are running in the same lab room.
  • (2/20) Geologic Mapping cancelled.  (Should be the last cancellation.)
  • (2/12) Disease Detectives cancelled.
  • (2/12) Impound now ends 8:00.  Volunteers will do their best to quickly evaluate devices for compliance so students can get to 8:00 events.  Teams in a rush may "drop and go", with compliance checked by judges before their time slot (but no opportunity to fix it).  Teams waiting for compliance verification will be processed in the order they arrive.  Only one team member must be present.  If a team needs to modify their device for compliance, they will be re-checked the end of the queue.
  • (2/6) Event Choice - Since Nationals only run 23 events, but the state has 28 on the list, teams must opt out of 5 events.  Any events cancelled by the tournament do not count toward the 5 opt out events.  At event supervisors' discretion, teams may participate in opt-out events, but they will not affect the rankings of other teams officially participating in those events.
  • (2/6) Signups - We'll send links for signups via email to coaches.
  • (2/6) Flight - uses half of a basketball/volleyball gym.  This provides at least 13 m by 15 m of floor space, at least 7 m high.
  • (1/28) Cybersecurity cancelled.

2024 Team List

List of Teams
School Homeroom Team A Team B
Flour Bluff CI-108 C1 Seahorse  
Hendrickson CI-109 C2 Grouper  
Veterans CI-107 C3 Starfish  
School of Science & Technology CI-106 C4 Stingray  
John B Connally CI-102 C5 Sealion C9 Lionfish
Medina Valley CI-112 C6 Clownfish  
Cypress Falls CI-127 C7 Dolphin C10 Orca
Brazoswood CI-128 C8 Marlin C11 Swordfish

2024 Permission Forms

Please complete the following forms.  We will be able to relay the parents' permission form to the state tournament directors for those who advance.

Parents' Permission and Liability Release
Policy Form
Team Registration Form


Teams are responsible for their own transportation and lodging arrangements.  Our address is 6300 Ocean Dr, Corpus Christi.  Take the 2nd entrance to campus (after the Performing Arts Center) and go to the Curlew parking lot; cars may park there.  Busses should unload and park in the Hammerhead parking lot back by the entrance.

The closest hotel is the Comfort Suites on Ennis Joslin Rd.

Check out our Campus Map.  We use the following buildings:

  • CI: Center for Instruction
  • CS: Center for Science
  • RFEB: Robert Furgason Engineering Building
  • Dugan Wellness Center (Dugan Gym)
  • TH: Tidal Hall (5-10 minute walk)
  • BH: Bay Hall (awards ceremony)

The best place to visit the Gulf beach with a van/bus is the seawall, where there's a free public parking lot:  It's about 25 minutes from campus.  Please don't be late for the award ceremony.


Check Islander Dining for hours of operation of restaurants/cafeteria.  Their website allows ordering catering if desired.  There are vending machines in most buildings.  Since the 2024 CCRSO is NOT over spring break, a wide variety of food options will be available.

Check-in, Homerooms, and Impound

Tournament Central is in the Center for Instruction, room CI-113.  Please check between 7am and 8am.

You'll be assigned a homeroom in CI 1st Floor near Tournament Central.  Each classroom has a projector with HDMI and various adapters for laptops and tablets.  Please keep the room as clean as you can.

A few events require Impounding of student devices before the event can start.

  • Air Trajectory, Dugan Gym.
  • Robot Tour, Dugan Gym.
  • Scrambler, Dugan Gym.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be 5pm in Bay Hall BH-103.  If you have to leave campus before that, please check-out with us so that we can make sure to get your awards to you.

2024 Event Schedule

For the Dugan Gym events, links to sign up for time slots will be sent to coaches' emails.

Event schedule by time slot.
Event Location 7:00-8:00 8:00-9:00 9:10-10:10 10:20-11:20 11:30-12:30 12:40-1:40
Air Trajectory Dugan Gym Impound     Sign up for Event Time Slot
Robot Tour Dugan Gym Impound     Sign up for Event Time Slot
Scrambler Dugan Gym Impound     Sign up for Event Time Slot
Flight Dugan Gym   Sign up for Event Time Slot
Tower Dugan Gym   Sign up for Event Time Slot
Astronomy CI 2nd Floor            Event
Optics CI 2nd Floor    Event        
Solar Power (TX) CI 2nd Floor        Event    
Wind Power CI 2nd Floor          Event  
Anatomy & Physiology Tidal Hall   Event        
Botany (TX) Tidal Hall     Event      
x Disease Detectives x Tidal Hall         (Cancelled)  
Experimental Design Tidal Hall       Event    
Microbe Mission RFEB            Event
Chemistry Lab CS 2nd Floor    Event        
Detector Building CS 2nd Floor        Event    
Forensics CS 2nd Floor            Event
Dynamic Planet CS 2nd Floor      Event      
Fossils CS 2nd Floor          Event   
x Geologic Mapping x         (Cancelled)    
Ecology RFEB            Event
Forestry RFEB    Event        
Codebusters RFEB      Event      
Fermi Questions RFEB          Event  
Science Word (TX) RFEB        Event    
We've Got Your Number (TX) RFEB    Event        
Write It, Do It RFEB 2nd Floor     Event