Fisheries and Mariculture Program

The Fisheries and Mariculture Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is a graduate program offering the Master of Science (M.S.) in Fisheries and Mariculture (FAMA). The mission of the program is to prepare graduate students for a career in either the private or public sector in fisheries, mariculture, or aquaculture. This is accomplished through a rigorous core curriculum combined with an intensive "hands-on" research or internship project. Students enjoy a low student-faculty ratio and opportunities to study the biology of ecologically and commercially important Gulf of Mexico species as well as economically important cultured marine species at our partner research facilities.

Returning Peace Corps volunteers who have completed their assignment have an opportunity to continue their education and obtain a Master’s degree in the FAMA program through the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. TAMU-CC is a Coverdell Fellows Partner University since 2017 and offers $1000 per academic year Coverdell Fellowships only in the FAMA program. This scholarship alone will allow Fellows to qualify for in-state tuition.

Students completing the FAMA M.S. degree requirements will:

  1. exhibit mastery of subject knowledge and skills in the field of fisheries or mariculture,
  2. demonstrate the ability to collect data, organize and interpret data in the context of the relevant literature, and to accurately describe their findings (orally and in writing), and
  3. develop an advanced skill set and record of contributions to the discipline such that they can continue in academia or secure employment where they can apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the program.

The FAMA Handbook provides more detail about the program.  The Style Guide provides information to help students prepare final documents.