Islander Health Education & Research Training

Health Disparities, Education, Awareness Research & Training Consortium (HDEART C)

TAMU-CC are sponsors of HDEART C and its activities that provide and share academic, teaching and research expertise to eliminate health disparities through community-based participatory research models. HDEART C emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches through which clinical scientists, basic/behavioral scientists, social scientists, and community advocates collaborate on innovative projects leveraging the experience, intellectual strength, and energy of a diverse team. HDEART C also contributes to the development of a cadre of young professionals seeking careers related to health disparities research by developing undergraduate and graduate classes such as the anchor course “Health Disparities in America: Working toward Social Justice” and an annual Summer Workshop.

TAMU-CC contributes to HDEART C initiatives by developing student research opportunities in Health Disparities through local projects such as those addressing Aging, Disease, and Nutrition. Currently, we have our ongoing community health and nutrition education series (CRECEMOS) and are actively involved with the Aging in Place Initiatives, Healthy Aging, and Disease Prevention and Treatment in Hispanic communities. In order to support these initiatives, we have strong ties with the City of Corpus Christi Senior Community Services, South Coastal Health Education Center, and the City/County Health District

Xavier Fonz Gonzales Ph.D. MSPH is the TAMUCC representative in HDEART C. As the institutional representative, he actively supports the Health Disparities Program and other HDEART C initiatives in the following ways:

  • Interfacing with institutional leaders and HDEART colleagues to advance educational initiatives
  • Keeping institutional leadership advised of HDEART activities and speaking on behalf concerning its plans and proposals
  • Participation in the HDEART C annual workshop Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice.
  • Identifying and networking with institutional professionals who could serve either as faculty for the summer workshop and fall semester course or as advisors for other HDEART programs
  • Facilitate recruitment of students, fellows and health care professionals to participate in the summer workshop and the fall semester course on health disparities.
  • Identifying means to garner student access to the annual workshop through in person attendance or video conference.
  • Staying activity involved in Health Disparities in Texas through interaction with the Texas Center for Health Disparities in Fort Worth.
  • Promoting and development of local community programs that address Health Disparities.

Fall 2018 HDEART C Course Flyer

Health Disparities Service Training

Aging in Place Initiatives

  • Healthy Aging
  • Senior Care in Action

Disease Prevention and Treatment in Hispanic Communities

  • Colonias Partnerships

Community Research Initiatives

BASIC Cognitive

Nueces County Public Health District announces a new research study in partnership with the University of Michigan starting in 2018. Called Brain Attack Surveillance in Corpus Christi-Cognitive (BASIC) Cognitive, this study aims to learn about how the brain functions as people age in Nueces County residents aged 65 and over.

University of Michigan researchers also hope to learn about caregiver experiences, understand how their needs are being met and what areas may require more attention in our community and throughout the United States. BASIC Cognitive is funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant.

Community Education and Outreach Programs

Health Professions Experiential Opportunities