Invent for the Planet

Invent for the Planet

For 48 hours, the sun will never set on innovation. During Invent for the Planet (IFTP), we tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.

What is Invent for the Planet?

Invent for the Planet (IFTP) is an innovation fostering 48 hour global collaborative competition, in which students from 27+ universities come together to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet. IFTP participants address global needs topics ranging from Environmental Affairs, Energy Solutions, Social Issues, Improving Developing Nations, and Resource Equity. 

Who can participate in Invent for the Planet?

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate. Teams from all colleges are welcome.

Any currently enrolled student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is welcome to apply for Invent for the Planet, from freshmen through doctoral students. You do not have to be an engineering student. In fact, we encourage students from all across the university to apply. Well-rounded teams come up with unique and creative solutions to problems.

Interested in IFTP?

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