Oil Spill Response Courses

40 Hr Marine Oil Spill Response Certification

Hands-on training involves response techniques for oil spills in ports and harbors, rivers, canals, and open waters. Activities include small boat handling, boom deployment and recovery, pump and skimmer operations, response strategies, and more. 

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NSCS Director Keith Muhlestein Boat

Oil Spill Response Strategies & Tactics (On-Water Course)

This 3-day course is designed to provide field training in developing oil spill response strategies and tactical operations. 

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 Boom In Corpus Christi Marina

OHMSETT Oil Spill Training in Leonardo, NJ

4-day training at the Ohmsett test facility in New Jersey. 
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Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team Member (SCAT)

A 3-day course is designed to provide field training in shoreline characterization and assessment of oil spill impacts on those shorelines and their associated resources. 

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Shore Line Clean Up Tar Ball  Tony Wood SSCAT Class Instruction

Custom Services

Dr. Keith Muhlestein, as the Director, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the realm of site safety planning, on-site drills and exercises, and custom services. Driven by a commitment to the transformative power of education and training, Dr. Muhlestein has dedicated his academic and professional journey to fostering a culture of safety and environmental stewardship in the Coastal Bend region.

Site Safety Planning: Under Dr. Muhlestein's leadership, NSCS offers comprehensive site safety planning services tailored to the unique needs of industries and communities in the coastal bend. With a focus on practical solutions, NSCS develops robust safety plans that align with regulatory standards and industry best practices. These plans are designed to mitigate risks and enhance the overall safety culture of organizations operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

On-site Drills and Exercises: Recognizing the importance of hands-on experience, NSCS, under Dr. Muhlestein's guidance, conducts on-site drills and exercises. These practical sessions simulate real-world scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment. Through realistic and scenario-based training, NSCS ensures that individuals and teams are well-prepared to respond effectively to spills and emergencies, minimizing environmental impact.

Custom Services: Understanding that one size does not fit all, NSCS, led by Dr. Muhlestein, offers custom services to meet the specific needs of diverse industries and demographics in the coastal bend region. Whether it's tailoring training programs, developing specialized curricula, or providing industry-specific guidance, NSCS delivers solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each client.

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