About Us

The National Spill Control School was established in 1974 and was named as a consulting, training, and research resource for the National Response Team in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. The NSCS offers specialized hands-on OSHA-mandated training for professionals and workers in the Oil Spill, HAZMAT, and Emergency Management industries as well as others in exploration, production, and transportation who deal with spill prevention, planning, and response. In addition to training response personnel, industrial workers, and military personnel, the NSCS supports the National Response Team's Strike Force with consulting and research as requested. The NSCS is a nationally recognized facility for oil spill research activities.

Our Leadership

Dr. Muhlestein's vision for NSCS revolves around the belief that a successful safety culture is built on continuous improvement and a strong connection between academia and industry. By fostering collaboration and seeking input from both sectors, NSCS ensures that its Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response curriculum remains cutting-edge and relevant. Dr. Muhlestein is eager to engage with local industries and academic institutions, fostering a dynamic environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

In alignment with the NSCS mission, Dr. Muhlestein is deeply passionate about instilling a culture of safety and environmental responsibility in the Coastal Bend region. His dedication, combined with a commitment to collaborative and applied learning, positions NSCS as a driving force in achieving an enhanced quality of safety culture in the area. Join us at NSCS, where education, experience, and passion converge to shape a safer and more sustainable future for the Coastal Bend community.

Our Course Offerings

  • Marine Oil Spill Response
  • Oil Spill Strategies and Tactics
  • NOAA Shoreline Clean-Up Assessment Techniques

Our Services

Site Safety Planning: Under Dr. Muhlestein's leadership, NSCS offers comprehensive site safety planning services tailored to the unique needs of industries and communities in the coastal bend. With a focus on practical solutions, NSCS develops robust safety plans that align with regulatory standards and industry best practices. These plans are designed to mitigate risks and enhance the overall safety culture of organizations operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

On-site Drills and Exercises: Recognizing the importance of hands-on experience, NSCS, under Dr. Muhlestein's guidance, conducts on-site drills and exercises. These practical sessions simulate real-world scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment. Through realistic and scenario-based training, NSCS ensures that individuals and teams are well-prepared to respond effectively to spills and emergencies, minimizing environmental impact.

Custom Services: Understanding that one size does not fit all, NSCS, led by Dr. Muhlestein, offers custom services to meet the specific needs of diverse industries and demographics in the coastal bend region. Whether it's tailoring training programs, developing specialized curricula, or providing industry-specific guidance, NSCS delivers solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each client.

Our Location

The NSCS is located on the beautiful " Island University" campus in Corpus Christi Bay. On the Texas Gulf Coast, the NSCS is known for its mild weathered, year-round hands-on training location at various land and water sites. See our calendar of courses. NSCS personnel also travel nationally and internationally to deliver customized training to domestic and foreign industry and governmental agencies. Contact us to set up specialized training for your organization. 

Support Us 

NSCS plays a critical role in training first responders, government agencies, and industry professionals in spill response. Your support helps educate and train the next generation of environmental professionals. Well-prepared individuals are more equipped to tackle environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable solutions. Supporting the National Spill Control School at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is an opportunity to make a positive impact on environmental protection, disaster response preparedness, education, and research. Your support can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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