What We Do

The National Spill Control School was established in 1977 and was named as a consulting, training, and research resource for the National Response Team in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. The NSCS offers specialized hands-on OSHA mandated training for professionals and workers in the Oil Spill, HAZMAT, and Emergency Management industries as well as others in exploration, production, and transportation who deal with spill prevention, planning, and response.

The NSCS is located on the beautiful " Island University" campus in Corpus Christi Bay. On the Texas Gulf Coast, the NSCS is known for its mild weathered, year-round hands-on training location at various land and water sites. See our calendar of courses. NSCS personnel also travel nationally and internationally to deliver customized training to domestic and foreign industry and governmental agencies. Contact us to set up specialized training for your organization. Sign up today.

  • Oil Spill Prevention, Planning, & Response Training
  • Incident Command & Management Courses
  • Hurricane Preparedness Courses
  • Disaster Drills & Emergency Management Training
  • Industrial Safety Courses
  • On-Site Drills & Exercises
In addition to training response personnel, industrial workers, and military personnel, the NSCS supports the National Response Team's Strike Force with consulting and research as requested. The NSCS is a nationally recognized facility for oil spill research activities.