Congratulations to Dr. Frank Spaniol, 2020-21 Regents Professor

The purpose of the Texas A&M University System Regents Professor Award is to recognize and honor individuals at the rank of professor or equivalent who have provided exemplary service as faculty members not only to their university, but also to the community, the state of Texas, and/or at the international level. 

Dr. Frank Spaniol is a Professor of Kinesiology, specializing in Sport and Exercise Science. His research interests include sport performance, strength and conditioning, visual skills, and sport technology. His research findings are published in refereed journals and have been presented with his students globally, including at Olympic Training Centers in three countries. He used his knowledge as a former college baseball player and Division I head coach to develop the Baseball/Softball Athletic Testing System, and he has consulted with player development personnel from multiple professional baseball teams in the United States. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction, and, in 2009, was named a Fellow of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dr. Spaniol has served as a sport scientist for the Portuguese Davis Cup Tennis Team and Stan Lee’s “Superhumans” on the Discovery Channel.

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