Annual Performance Reviews in Interfolio

TO: Islander Faculty
SUBJECT: Annual Performance Reviews in Interfolio

Dear Faculty,

We hope you have been able to spend some time in Interfolio over the past few weeks, exploring what it offers in terms of storing and cataloging information related to your teaching, service, research, and/or creative activity. Your department will be initiating your Annual Performance Reviews through Interfolio during spring semester. If all of your 2021 and prior activities are entered to your liking when your review launches, the process for submitting your Faculty Activity Report should be simple. 

We also recommend that you consider uploading your preferred professional Curriculum Vitae (under your “Profile” area on Interfolio), as Interfolio will automatically pull that CV in with your FAR when your review is launched.

A brief process guide on the steps involved in your review will be sent to you before your review officially launches, but in the meantime, we are attaching an information sheet for you to consult as you spend time in Interfolio. 

If you have questions or concerns about Interfolio, please contact Dr. David Gurney ( to share them as they arise.