Professional School Counseling, MS

The Master of Science in School Counseling (60 semester hours) prepares students to counsel in PK-12 school settings. Upon completion of the degree program, students will have met all relevant educational requirements for Texas Education Agency school counselor certification and Texas professional counseling licensure (LPC). Students seeking school counseling certification should consult with the school counselor program coordinator and the certification office on campus regarding current state certification requirements to ensure eligibility prior to graduation.

All counseling programs at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs.

PROJECT FLICS (Future Leaders Implementing Collaborative Supports) qualification & funding opportunity

Project FLICS aims to prepare highly-qualified professionals in special education with certification in educational diagnostics and school counseling through an interdisciplinary master’s program that includes shared coursework, group assignments, and clinical field experiences to prepare scholars as experts and leaders in their disciplines (i.e., special education teachers, educational diagnosticians, school counselors). 

For professional school counseling majors:

* MS in Professional School Counseling

* Funding Available: Tuition stipends @ $1,250 per course

(22 courses) for up to 3 Professional School Counseling scholars

Apply for project FLICS here (you must additionally apply for admission to the graduate program):