Healthcare Administration, BSHA

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BSHA) prepares graduates for a variety of career opportunities in the health care field by providing the management skills necessary for success. By designing a degree plan using electives in such areas as computer science, marketing, education, business administration, accounting, human resource management, and information systems, the student may pursue specific areas of interest. Students can also use electives to design a degree plan that will satisfy entrance requirements for admission to professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, public health, law, and business.

 Student Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the health care delivery system from a historical, comparative, economic, cultural, and ethical perspective.
  • Employ a variety of business and management skills and techniques including marketing, financial management, law, and information management to effectively and efficiently advance the goals of the organization.
  • Demonstrate creativity in defining, negotiating, and solving problems. 
  • Communicate and educate, using the most current information and communication technology.
Program Completion Requirements

Prior to designation as a BSHA major, students must meet with the advisor to create a degree completion and minor area of specialization plan

Degree Requirements (120 Semester Hours)
Core Curriculum Program: 42 sem. hrs.
Electives*: 6-14 sem. hrs.
Specialization: 18-22 sem. hrs.
Healthcare Administration Major: 46 sem. hrs.

*Students generally have all core curriculum and supporting courses completed before admittance into the program. This includes a completed Core Curriculum, 18-22 hours of a specialization area, and 6-14 hours of other electives. Specialization hours may be taken concurrently with the Healthcare Administration Major courses. Advising approval is required prior to declaration of the Healthcare Administration Major.

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