Robert (Bob) Griffiths

Robert Griffiths
Bob leads the design, expansion, and implementation of Advanced Autonomous Aircraft Research within the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation (LSUASC) under the direction of the Executive Director. Bob will supervise and guide Autonomous Aviation core research activities through maintaining and establishing a broad range of external and internal collaborations with other experts in the field. He will be working closely with Business Development to ensure we share the Center’s business and customer partnership vision.

Other tasks in Bob’s portfolio include the encouragement of technical publications, conference participation, regulatory engagement, continuous improvement, student mentoring, and public outreach.

Prior to joining LSUASC, Bob has held leadership positions within Boeing Commercial and Defense, NASA-Langley, Blue Origin and as the Washington State Industry Representative for the Unmanned Systems and Industry Council (USIC) - an entity established by the Departments of Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Development. He has also contracted with the military - including JSOC, Army rotorcraft and Air Force special projects – as well as UAS/UAM/AAM private startups. Bob has dozens of technical publications ranging from aircraft icing, aircraft development, full-scale aircraft flight test campaigns, cryogenic wind tunnel testing, and supersonic / hypersonic research. He has also participated in two America’s Cup campaigns, utilizing autonomous features on the yachts. Bob has built a global network of partners and trusted suppliers throughout his career.