Building Use Policies

Food and drink policy

Food and drinks are allowed throughout the library except around electronic equipment or inside the Special Collections and Archives department.

Cell phone policy

Cell phones are allowed in the library. It is expected, however, that people using cell phones will be respectful of others.

To provide an optimal environment for research and study and for library staff to do their work, people are asked that cell phones be turned to low.

Lengthy calls should be made in areas where the conversation does not disturb others. Please honor requests for quiet and move to another location if an unintended distraction occurs.

Other forms of disruption

The use of recreational transportation devices (e.g. roller skates, roller blades, bicycles, skateboards,  longboards, scooters, etc.) is prohibited within the Mary and Jeff Bell Library.

Tobacco, smoke, and e-vapor free environment

All tobacco use is prohibited inside the Mary and Jeff Bell Library.


Censorship is not compatible with the goals of Texas A&M-University Corpus Christi. However, some forms of expression are not protected by the First Amendment and may be subject to censorship by the University, including obscene material, child pornography, or other violations of the law.

Public display of explicit or pornographic images may violate the University policies on sexual harassment.

If potentially offending material must be viewed for educational purposes, Bell Library staff reserve the right to ask a user to move to a machine, or an area, that is less visible to the public.

Study Space

Patron(s) will keep noise levels at a minimum when utilizing study rooms, as well as shared/open study spaces, and can be asked to vacate the library if noise levels exceed acceptable limits after being provided a warning by library staff.