Schedule an Exhibit

Please contact the library ( if you are interested in scheduling an exhibit in the building.

A completed Library Exhibit Agreement will be necessary for installation to take place. Gallery reservations are approved by the Office of the Dean of Libraries. Completing the form does not guarantee space availability.

Library exhibit spaces include the following areas

  • The first floor gallery at the back of the atrium
  • The second floor gallery near the elevators
  • The second floor area between Special Collections and Archives and the Office of the Dean

Library art exhibit policy

Requesting an exhibit

All exhibits in the library must be scheduled through the Office of the Dean of Libraries. Please fill out the Library Exhibit Agreement.

  • The agreement must identify the area(s) to be used for the exhibit.
  • Exhibitors are required to meet with staff from the Office of the Dean of Libraries before installation begins.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the setting up and taking down of the exhibit. Exhibits may be set up/taken down only during regular library operating hours unless approved beforehand. Dates for installation and removal should be included in the agreement.
  • Scheduling of glass exhibit cases, if needed, must be done through Special Collections and Archives, 361-825-4500 or

Exhibit receptions

Permission may be obtained to have a reception during the exhibition.

  • Request for a reception must be included in the Library Exhibit Agreement
  • A detailed list of food and drink items to be served must be provided upon the request for a reception.

Library art exhibit rules

Setting exhibit dates

  • Requests for a reservation must be made and the Library Exhibit Agreement received at least 30 days prior to the exhibit. Exhibitors are encouraged to make requests as soon as possible, because space is limited. 
  • Exact dates for the exhibition must be supplied at the time of scheduling.
  • Exhibitors may begin installation no more than 3 days prior to the scheduled run of show.

Library Exhibit Agreement

  • All exhibitors must complete a Library Exhibit Agreement prior to installation.
  • By submitting the form, exhibitors agree to adhere to exhibit rules and policies.
  • At the time of submission of documents, exhibit dates must be confirmed.

Use of exhibit space, equipment, and supplies

  • Exhibitors will abide by the following:
    • No nails or other hanging devices may be used which require putting holes in the walls without permission.
    • Painting of walls or display panels is not allowed.
    • Additional lighting is the responsibility of the artist and must be approved by the Environmental Health and Safety Office prior to installation.
    • Installation of lighting which requires putting holes in the walls is not permitted.
  • Artists are responsible for providing all equipment and supplies needed for installing and removing exhibits. The library does not provide hanging equipment, ladders, lights, or other items used in exhibit preparation and removal.
  • If using the display cases, artists must abide by the rules for use of cases (provided by the Director of Special Collections and Archives).
  • Pedestals or other display platforms are not provided by the library. If needed, the artist is responsible for providing these items.
  • If exhibit space is damaged in any way, the artist is responsible for the cost of repair.
  • In all cases ADA requirements must be met. At no time can the exhibit block access to library resources and services or impede safe and easy travel through the area.
  • Exhibit receptions held in the library must be requested through the Library Exhibit Agreement.

Exhibit take-down

  • All exhibits must be taken down and removed from the library within 48 hours of exhibit close. This includes the removal of artwork as well as any display platforms or additional lighting provided by the artist.


  • The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to artwork or injury to artist and others resulting from installation, placement, public display, removal or transport of artwork.