Reputation Management

Researcher profiles

Researcher profiles allow authors and researchers to

  • include their work in the network of researchers and scholars online
  • disambiguate their research and publications from those created by authors with similar names
  • post publication lists and link to the version of record and other versions online
  • share their work with the world
  • find new scholars and researchers for collaboration
  • highlight their work online so fellow researchers, interested public, and prospective students can find, access, and read the work

Where should I get my researcher profile?


ORCID is a “non-profit, community-driven effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.”

ORCID offers a more open model for creating a researcher identifier and posting an authoritative profile of research activity than alternative commercial entities with proprietary business models such as Research Gate and

What does ORCID stand for?

Open Researcher and Contributor ID

Why use ORCID?

Faculty may not be receiving attribution for the full range of their scholarly contributions for the reasons listed below. ORCID attempts to solve these issues by creating a unique identification that can be linked to existing identifiers as well as things like journal publisher manuscript submission systems, funding agency grant application workflows, and other tools.

ORCID helps to

  • Track different forms of an individual researcher’s name across systems
  • Distinguish between different researchers with the same name
  • Identify all scholarly works associated with a particular researcher

How do I get my ORCID?