Lab Reservations and Use Policies

Reserve a library computer lab

Faculty and staff may request a reservation in one of two library computer labs. Computer Lab 1, Room 109 in Bell Library, fits 27 people, plus one instructor computer. Computer Lab 2, Room 216A, fits 51 people, plus one instructor computer.

To request a library computer lab reservation, please fill out the Reservation Request Form or contact Instructional Services Librarian, Lorin Flores, at 361-825-2609 or

Library computer lab reservation policy

When requesting a reservation, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • A computer lab can be reserved for a class or training session held Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.
  • Library labs are available for reservation in the Fall semester after October 15, and in the Spring semester after March 15. Labs are available through the summer months.
  • The library requests two weeks’ notice to reserve a lab, but we will consider request with less than two weeks’ notice based on lab availability.
  • Only one lab at a time may be reserved, leaving the other lab available for research skills instruction or student use.
  • Only TAMU-CC faculty and staff may reserve a computer lab.
  • Bell Library has discretion to allow or deny computer lab use on a case-by-case basis.

Library computer lab use policy

  • All users must have established university computer accounts in order to access the workstations. Community users do not have access to computers in the Computer Labs.
  • All users are expected to abide by university computer use and policies.
  • Students are required to observe library food and beverage policies. No food is permitted in the labs. Beverages in covered containers must be left in the designated area outside of each lab.
  • Group work is encouraged; the Computer Labs are not guaranteed quiet study areas. Users are asked to remember they are in the library and to keep noise at levels that are not disruptive to fellow users.