Instruction & Workshops

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If you would like to schedule a class for instruction, please fill out our Instruction Request Form.

Librarians assigned to your college will contact you to set up your session(s.) Meet your librarian instruction team!

cob, la, and samc librariansColleges of Business, Liberal Arts, and SAMC:(from left to right) Derrik Hiatt, Tara Carlisle, Jennifer Anderson, and Lisa Louis)


conhs-coehd-update-5-24College of Education & Human Development and College of Nursing & Health Sciences:(from left to right)Trisha Hernandez, Lorin Flores, Aida Almanza-Ferro)


COE and CS librariansCollege of Engineering and College of Science:(from left to right) Mohammed AlHamad, Aida Almanza-Ferro, Alexa Hight)


What we do

The librarians on your instruction teams are happy to work with you to customize a class session to your students’ needs. The following list are examples of topics that are typically covered in instruction sessions:

If you would like to request a session on citation styles and formats, please contact the Writing Center. The Writing Center also offers instructional content on plagiarism, writing strategies, and other topics.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Lorin Flores, Instructional Services Librarian, at 361-825-2609 or at for more information.


Instruction Guidelines

To ensure a successful class, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please give your librarian at least two weeks’ notice when possible to allow for making arrangements and meeting with you to develop a lesson plan if necessary.

  • Decide where you would like the instruction session to take place.
Librarians are available to meet with your students in your own classroom if it is equipped with a computer, presenter podium, projector, and screen.
Library classrooms are also available in Bell Library for library instruction sessions. Computer Lab 1 in Room 109 seats 30 students. This classroom has traditional lab-style seating. 

The Active Learning Classroom is now available for reservations and will seat up to 42 students in a space optimized for active learning and group-centered work. The Active Learning Classroom is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) classroom equipped with tables for students to connect their own devices to a monitor for group work. 
  • Consider your students' technology skill levels and device access. If opting for the Active Learning Classroom inform students without laptops beforehand that they will need to check out a device from the library's two kiosks or share with a classmate. If you want all your students to have access to a computer, Computer Lab 1 in room 109 is the better choice.

  • Attend the session with your students. Your participation and support are critical to the success of library instruction sessions.


Workshops at Bell Library

Propose a workshop

If you would like to conduct a workshop at Bell Library or if you would like to suggest a topic or speaker, please contact Lorin Flores, Instructional Services Librarian, at 361-825-2609 or at



Bell Library strives to create an inclusive, accessible learning space. We do this by encouraging faculty members, students, and staff to notify the librarian teaching their class or organizing workshops of any accommodations prior to a class or workshop.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to work with their librarian directly and in conjunction with Disability Services to find accessible solutions.

If you are unsure who to contact to request accommodations, contact Lorin Flores, Instructional Services Librarian, at 361-825-2609 or at