Preserving Community History

Dr. Jennifer Brown, History, interviews a donor
Collecting metadata about this photgraph of a car

Do you remember...

      • When the Harbor Bridge was built?
      • Hurricane Celia?
      • The Buccaneer Days Parade?
      • High school rivalries?
      • Selena on the Domingo Show?
      • Concerts at the Memorial Coliseum?
      • The civil rights marches that changed our city?

Your family history matters

Special Collections and Archives at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library is interested in collecting materials that document history as it happened. We want to preserve them and make them available for generations to come so that society can learn from the past.

You can contribute to this effort by sharing your family records. When you donate your personal or family records, your family history becomes a part of your community’s collective memory.

We know that your family history is important to you and your family. Did you know that it also might be important to others? History is made up of the actions of individuals. The experiences of your family members, from war-time heroics to humble community service or just going about living daily life in an era now past, are the building blocks of history.

Scan or donate your items

You can donate your materials to the archives, or keep the items and let us scan and add an image of them to our digital collections. We seek to collect and/or scan materials that record a slice of what life was like in the Coastal Bend, including:

      • Letters
      • Photographs
      • Videos
      • Documents
      • Memorabilia
      • Artifacts

South Texas has a rich history and your memories can help us understand the important events and experiences that have shaped the region. The History Harvest program is committed to celebrating that history, and we would like to work with you to preserve your family’s stories and memorabilia.

Contact us

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Mary and Jeff Bell Library Special Collections and Archives
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
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