Dr. Hector P. Garcia Papers

Hector P. Garcia

The papers of Dr. Hector P. Garcia (1914-1996) are a centerpiece of the university's manuscript holdings. Corpus Christi physician, founder of the American G.I. Forum, and legendary community leader, Dr. Garcia was active in political and civic affairs for over fifty years and ranks as one of the most important figures in Mexican American history.

Dr. Garcia's papers comprise one of the most valuable resources in existence on the Mexican-American experience during the last half of the twentieth century. They include records relating to the American G.I. Forum, which he began in 1948, and cover the major issues faced by Mexican Americans during his career as a champion of civil rights.

This remarkable historical resource recently has been made easier to use through a partnership between TAMU-CC and History Associates, Inc. Thanks to History Associates' work, the papers are more efficiently organized and described and the photographs, audiovisual materials, and correspondence contained in the papers have been digitized.

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