Cruzando Fronteras, Creating Communities

October 21-22nd, 2021

Learning community practitioners are familiar with the value of intentional integration. By their intent and design, learning communities have continually implemented practices that demonstrate the power of forging beyond the restrictive boundaries of a traditional college education. Learning community facilitators serve a critical role in redefining the educational experiences offered to an increasingly diverse student body. Intersections such as those among race, class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or disability that constitute our students’ identities challenge us to grapple with critical and culturally relevant pedagogies.

Learning community administrators and faculty have a unique opportunity to challenge antiquated perceptions of how students learn. In so doing, learning communities can become sites of discovery, exploration, and empowerment for a generation of students who will engage in an increasingly complex world. We must continue to push the boundaries of possibility to create and sustain communities of learners. The theme for the 2021 National Learning Communities Conference, Cruzando Fronteras/Creating Communities, is an invitation to discover innovative approaches and to address the complexities of learning in a twenty-first century context.