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FYLCP Bibliography

Special thanks to Emily Metcalf and Lisa Louis for compiling this bibliography of articles, book chapters, dissertations, and other publications about the FYLCP.

Washington Center

The Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education is considered the resource center for learning community work. They host the National Summer Institute on Learning Communities each July and publish biannual editions of the Learning Communities Research & Practice journal.

Learning Communities Association

The Learning Communities Association was founded in 2016 as the first and only professional organization for LC faculty, administrators, and supporters. Membership is free and includes access to a members-only mailing list.

National Learning Communities Conference

The National Learning Communities Conference (NLCC) takes place each year in early November and provides LC faculty and administrators the opportunity to get together to share their experiences, best practices, and research related to learning communities. TAMU-CC is one of six schools on the NLCC Consortium and hosted the national conference in 2013. TAMU-CC will host NLCC 2021 in October of this year.

Texas Learning Communities Consortium (TXLCC)

TAMU-CC helped form the TXLCC in 2013 to provide an opportunity for learning community collaboration between schools across the state. The meetings are typically held in the spring. TAMU-CC hosted the third annual TXLCC meeting in April 2016.