Faculty, Staff & Student International Travel Insurance

While the University encourages international travel and collaborations as part of it academic mission, it is also committed to the safety and well-being of its students, faculty and staff when they are engaged in those academic endeavors.  The university utilizes Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) program for study abroad, as well as, the employee security/medical evacuation program to provide emergency international travel assistance for staff and students when traveling overseas.   

TAMUCC also have access to CISI security/information website, an excellent resource for travelers prior to taking their trip.  This Red24 Security site provides valuable information on the political, security, cultural and infrastructure situation of each country.    If you are traveling overseas, contact the Travel Office at 361-825-2749 to obtain security information on the country you are traveling.  Include the review of this information with your authorization request (AR) for approval by the President.  

TAMUCC requires all travelers to take the International Travel Safety; Safe Passage training in TrainTraq and include a copy of the certificate with the AR.

Faculty/Staff/Student should contact the Travel Office at 825-2749 for information on International travel.  Study Abroad Students should contact the International Education/Study Abroad Office at 825-2789 for study abroad issues.



2111728:  International Travel Safety; Safe Passage


Travel Resources:

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