For Administrators

Set up your team for remote work

Agree on common tools and a virtual space

Follow a standard practice within your team to maintain communication; provide guidance so everyone knows how the team plans to stay connected and updated.

Schedule meetings now

Enable your team to be able to stay in contact later. Set-up calendar invites, create an agenda ahead of time and attach relevant documents to the invite.

Address common concerns

Use the tool(s) you have established to stay in touch to address concerns multiple team members have raised.

Be available

Be sure your team knows when you’re available and the best way to reach you.

Be flexible

Different environments, job duties and new developments mean employees will have different needs; work with your team individually to ensure they have what they need to do their job.

Share goals and updates regularly

so everyone knows who is working on what to avoid duplicating efforts.

Keep regular hours

and make those hours known through Slack or Outlook calendar.

Be respectful and maintain boundaries

Technology makes it easy to reach out to cell phones via a call or text at any time of day; in some cases, there may be legitimate reasons to communicate quickly; however, be sure to respect boundaries; not every message or issue is urgent.

It’s challenging for people working in non-traditional settings, be patient if you do not get a response to messages right away. If you have something that does not need a response quickly let the other person know that, too!

Available For: Faculty, Staff