Desktop Purchasing

IT is currently reviewing and implementing the Technology Management Plan (TMP). We strongly encourage all faculty and staff to wait on purchasing new equipment at this time.

IT provides support, installation, and maintenance of desktop computer systems and printers for faculty and staff. The IT Division also makes recommendations for pre-approved hardware purchases. Purchases may be denied if proper protocol is not followed.

University Procedure 25.07.03.C1.01 “Purchasing Procedures” states in that the University’s IT Division must approve a workstation before it can be acquired with University funds. The IT Division has pre-approved specific workstation makes/models for use at the University. Please see the view the hardware recommendations page for a listing of the University's pre-approved workstations.

Users are strongly encouraged to purchase a pre-approved workstation for several reasons:

  1. The purchase will go more quickly.
  2. Pre-approved workstations comply with all the University’s security requirements.
  3. These machines will be supported by IT.
  4. The University buys these workstations in bulk and thus gets the best value for the money.

If a user has specific requirements that cannot be met by one of the pre-approved workstations listed below, then the user will need to fill out a Workstation Purchase Exception form. Please include the form when you submit your purchase order to Purchasing. The IT Division will not approve an exception unless it contains a clear and compelling rationale for the exception. Apple purchases do not require the Exception Form if the purchase includes Apple Care.

How to Buy Workstations

As stated in the Purchasing Policy and Procedures Handbook, workstations should be purchased with only a Request for Purchase Order (aka an “R”). To purchase a workstation any other way requires the prior approval of the Purchasing Department.

Available For: Faculty, Staff