Pillar 5: Progress

We will report our compliance to the State of Texas and other authorities, detailing our progress toward a more inclusive university environment.


TAMU-CC will acquire scanning and testing tools to determine the accessibility compliance of our EIR and determine opportunities for strategic remediation:

  • Websites
  • Digital Course Materials
  • EIR


Data from the enterprise solutions scanning the EIR is collected on the second Tuesday of each month.

Other Tools

While other tools may be used including manual testing, the results of the enterprise solutions will be included in the compliance reporting.

All EIR accessibility reviews will be recorded in the approved IT repository.

OIS Reports

The EIRAC will provide a monthly report to the CIO.

Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Survey

Per 29.01.04.C0.01, Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility, the IRM, with assistance from the EIRAC, will conduct and complete EIR surveys as required by Texas DIR. The survey is sent out biennially, around December of the previous year and due in March of the biennial year.

Ethics and Compliance Committee

After approval from the CIO, the EIRAC will provide a report to the Chief Compliance Officer outlining accomplishments or progress IT has made during the previous quarter to identify and mitigate compliance risks at TAMU-CC (e.g. stakeholder meetings, training conducted, lab inspections, rule reviews, compliance reviews).