Wellness Release Time

Full-time, benefits-eligible employees are granted 30 minutes of release time three times a week to use for physical exercise and fitness activities.  


  • Wellness Release Time may not interfere with the operation of the employee's department.  
  • Supervisor approval is required.
  • Any deviations from the approved schedule must be pre-approved by the employee's immediate supervisor.
  • Supervisors can change the time requested, decrease the number of hours approved or revoke the approval for business needs or abuse of the program.
  • Supervisors are responsible for monitoring employee's compliance with University Procedure 31.02.13.C0.01  Supervisors have the right to review records of utilization if participating in any other wellness program and Dugan Wellness Center records.
  • Wellness Release Time is not considered work time for purposes of Worker's Compensation.
    • Injuries that may result during participation in this program will not be treated as work-related injuries.  
  • You must certify that you have visited your physician for an annual health examination within the past year and can actively participate in the program.


  • Each academic year of participation, employees must submit a Wellness Release Time Request to their immediate supervisors prior to participation in the Wellness Release Time Program.
  • If approved, submit the signed request to Wellness.tamucc.edu. 


Work-Release Time Request Form