Islander Awards

About the Islander Awards Celebration

The campus community is invited to attend the Annual Islander Awards Celebration each year.

The 2023 Islander Award Celebration will be Friday, April 28 @ 1:30 p.m. in the Anchor Ballroom.   

Service Awards

Service Award Pins will be presented to employees who have achieved five-year service milestones. 

Faculty Excellence Awards 

Recipients are honored for excellence in teaching, service, creative activity, research and scholarly activity, and teaching innovation.

Staff Excellence Awards

Recipients are honored for excellence, engagement, and expansion.

Parade of Achievers

Employees who have recently graduated are recognized for this outstanding achievement. Individuals are encouraged to contact HR at ext. 2630 if an employee should be recognized.

Other Awards

Others recognized at the Islander Awards Celebration may include Wellness Cup winners, Honors Program faculty, Dorothy Yeater Scholarship winners, University Police Department awards, and the Leadership, Excellence, and Development program participants.