The 27th Annual Awards Celebration was held on April 28, 2023. 

  • This year, 164 employees were recognized for their many years of service.
  • Faculty Excellence Awards were presented to the following winners
    • Excellence in Teaching Award - Dr. Susan De Ghize
    • Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award - Catherine Harrel and Sandra Stokes
    • Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity Award - Dr. Wei Xu
    • Excellence in Service Award- Dr. Bethanie Pletcher
    • Excellence in Creative Activity Award - Dr. Diana Sipes
  • Staff Excellence Awards were presented to the following winners

    • Islander Leadership - Keven Houlihan
    • Islander Inclusion - Alberto Hernandez
    • Islander Impact Christopher Palfreyman
  • The Interdivisional Collaboration Award for Excellence - Festival De Mariachi En La Ilsa

This year's winning team consisted of a collaboration between a diverse group of administrators, staff, and faculty from the fields of Music, History, Writing, and Rhetoric, the performing arts center, and marketing and communications. the team came together to hold an event that would advance Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi culturally and economically through the powerful mediums of music, creativity, scholarship/learning, and community engagement and become a signature welcome event for the islander community.

The Parade of Achievers recognized 17 employees who recently received degrees from TAMUCC.

  • Ashley Conner - Master of Business Administration
  • Irma-Laura Davila - Bachelor of Science
  • Joshua Esparza - Master of Arts, English
  • Lizzy Guerra - Master of Science, Design & Educational Tech
  • Carol Haley - Master of Science, Chemistry
  • Alexandra Janney - Doctor of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Sean Kendrick-Graham - Master of Business, Healthcare Administration
  • John LaRue - Master of Public Administration
  • Stephanie Long - Master of Business Administration
  • Shannon Mathis - Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  • Abby Opoola Master of Business Administration, Data Analytics
  • Long Pham - Master of Accountancy
  • Ana Salzar - Doctor of Counselor Education
  • Mandy Syamken - Bachelor of Science, Communication Science
  • Dominic Vargas - Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science