Time Off

Full-time A&M employees receive vacation and sick leave hours on a monthly basis, but there is a waiting period before employees can use vacation leave. The University also closes for several holidays throughout the year, which means an additional 12–15 days off for all employees.

Time Off Program Guide

A comprehensive Time Off Program Guide is available with detailed information regarding available time off options and benefits.  

Vacation Leave

New full-time employees earn eight hours of vacation leave each month. This rate increases as your career continue with State of Texas service.

Years of State Employment | Hours Accrued Per Month*

Less than 2 years | 8 hrs

2 years but less than 5 | 9 hrs

5 years but less than 10 | 10 hrs

* Hours based on full-time employment — More of this chart

Waiting Period

Employees cannot use vacation leave until they reach six months of continuous Texas State employment. For example, employees starting at A&M-CC on January 15th could not begin using their vacation leave until July 15th.

  • The waiting period does not apply to employees who have already established six months of continuous Texas State employment with another agency.
  • You still gain vacation leave during the six-month waiting period, it just cannot be used.

Previous State Service

All employment with the A&M System and any State of Texas employer, including employment as a student worker, will count as creditable state service for longevity and hazardous duty pay purposes. If you have previous Texas State service, be sure to complete the previous state service form with Human Resources.

Maximum Carry Forward

Vacation leave can carry forward from one year into the next, but there is a maximum number of hours. This maximum is also based on years of employment, and any vacation leave over the maximum will be converted to sick leave at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

University Holidays

Texas A&M-CC employees generally receive 12 to 15 holidays each year. The schedule is determined on an annual basis through a process involving the State legislature, the A&M System Board of Regents, and the University president. Check the Human Resources Holiday page for more information, and the most current Holiday schedule.

Sick Leave

Employees working full-time receive eight hours of sick leave, with pay, each month. This amount is prorated for those with less than full-time. There is no waiting period to use sick leave, and any hours not used will continue to carry forward into the next fiscal year with no maximum.

Sick leave can be used anytime sickness, injury, or pregnancy prevents you from doing your job. Sick leave can also be used when an ill member of your immediate family needs your care and assistance. Check the Human Resources Sick Leave page for more information.

Other Leave

There are many other types of leave available, depending on the employee's circumstances (Maternity Leave, Military Leave, Emergency Leave, etc.) For more information, refer to the Human Resources Leave page.

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