Frequently Asked Questions

What is GROW?

The Graduate Resource and Opportunity Workspace, or GROW, is a space for graduate students. Here, students can study, network, attend professional development and academic workshops. It is also a place to access resources tailored to graduate-level students.

Where is GROW located?

GROW is currently located within the Library, downstairs in LIB 112. When you enter the library, straight past the elevators and through the double doors. The GROW suite is located down the hallway - first door on the left.

How do I get into GROW?

All graduate students registered for the current semester with an active SandDollar$ ID card have access. This access pertains to the GROW suite. Simply swipe your card in the reader on the wall to the right of the door. If the reader will not let you in, contact a GROW staffer for assistance. Do this by knocking lightly on the door to obtain the attention of the staffer on duty. Alternatively, you can reach out by emailing us with your name and A# at Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to provide your card with access privileges.

When is GROW open?

GROW is available at any time during library hours. However, staff members are generally only present from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

What can GROW offer me?

There are numerous ways that GROW benefits graduate students. We offer dual-monitor computers, study tables, free printing, free brewed coffee, writing-style reference books and manuals, SPSS manuals, dry-erase boards, assorted other resources, projector access, public and small group workspace, and workshops and events covering various topics.

Wait, so what’s this I hear about free coffee and printing?

We are proud to offer free brewed coffee and Keurig access. Additionally, we provide free black-and-white printing and copying to any current graduate student who brings their own paper.

Where can I get a snack in GROW?

At certain workshops, we are able to offer various refreshments. These will be mentioned in the flyers, social media posts, or email updates about these workshops. Otherwise, there are vending machines located underneath the stairs of the library. Additionally, Subway and Starbucks are right outside the Library doors.

Can I eat in GROW?

You may bring snacks and food into the suite. However, please respect your workspace by cleaning up spills or smudges. Please also ensure disposing of all waste in the appropriate receptacle. Additionally, we ask that you use a lid for all beverages. Further, please be mindful of your peers when considering very strong-smelling foods.

How can I find out about workshops and opportunities?

We offer a monthly list of events in the GROW suite. Weekly or daily updates are on the whiteboard near the door. We also send out a weekly newsletter to the university email address you were given upon enrollment. Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. Finally, you can visit our website and check out the workshop schedule for up-to-date information about upcoming events.

When there are workshops held within the GROW space, do I have to leave?

Occasionally we may hold a workshop within our GROW suite. These are most frequently held during the day or early evening and on Saturday mornings. In most cases, you are not required to vacate the suite during these events. This applies even if you choose not to participate in the event itself. We hope you find benefit in the workshops, but if you choose not to participate, we ask that you respect the speaker and other participants.

I need to reserve the small group study room ahead of time. Can I do that online?

Yes! You may reserve our small group study room for a two-hour block of time at the GROW website.

Is it super quiet in GROW?

While it is usually very quiet in the GROW study room, it is not strictly silent. We ask patrons to take conversations or phone calls outside the space. The small group study room is not soundproof, so we ask groups using it to maintain a low volume.

I missed a workshop. Can I view it online?

We occasionally offer recorded workshops on our YouTube channel, TAMUCC GROW. These videos are frequently linked to our workshop schedule page.

I have questions about graduation. Can GROW help me with this?

The GROW desk is available for questions about workshops or the space itself. For graduation inquiries, please contact the College of Graduate Studies.

I have questions about financial assistance for graduate students. Can GROW help me with this?

Graduate students employed as assistants at the university are eligible for in-state tuition rates and a stipend. For more information about scholarships, assistantships, and other funding sources, please visit the Graduate College funding page.

I'm a new student this semester. When is the best time to come check out the GROW space?

Anytime is a good time to visit GROW. We also host a Welcome-Back party at the beginning of each semester with food, prizes, and event information to accommodate students in evening courses.

I am a prospective student coming to tour the campus. Will I be able to visit the GROW space on the tour?

Yes, prospective students can visit GROW as a stop on graduate tours of the campus. You'll have the opportunity to check out our amenities and resources, grab a cup of coffee, and ask any questions.

I have more questions. Who do I contact about GROW?

If your questions are not answered by this FAQ, you can email the GROW staff at Expect a reply within 1 business day. Additionally, you can call us at 361-855-2507, or drop in and chat!