Pre-Telework Forms & Tools

Telework is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite (e.g., home, telework center) or flexible work schedule.  It is an important tool for achieving a resilient and results-oriented workforce.  At its core, telework is people doing their work at locations or a schedule different from where or what they would normally be doing.  

The Office of Finance and Administration maintains this website to provide easy access to information about telework at Texas A & M Corpus Christi, in accordance with 33.06.01.C0.01 Flexible Work Arrangements.

  • Telework Assessments & Checklist
  • TAMU-CC Flexible Work Arrangements Form (to apply for program)
  • Off Campus Check Out Form
  • Property Office Asset Location Form
  • Course # 12345 Employee Telework Traintraq course
  • Course # 12345 Supervisor Telework Traintraq Course
  • Telework FAQ's