Annual Review Process

Business Continuity Plan Annual Review Process

Business units are required to test some part of their Business Continuity Plan once a year, with all parts tested every seven years.  In addition, departments are required to review their Business Continuity Plan and tests at least annually or more frequently as needed and update the plans whenever changes occur in their operating procedures, processes, or key personnel.

 This review consists of 2 parts:

1.  Islander Ready has a method to document the completion and annual review of a business continuity plan. From the “Plan Details” tab, there is a left navigation option titled, “Update Plan Status” that allows plan status to be entered.  Edit Page and the Update Plan Status ‘blue’ box will appear.

Marking your plan "current" does not require that every on-screen box be filled in. The principal criterion for completeness is your judgment that the plan and its action items will help the unit to become more resilient against disaster.

  BCP Update Plan Pic

  The Plan status information shall be entered into Islander Ready 

When a plan(s) has been marked as "Due for Review" in Islander Ready then it will need to be reviewed and updated to mark it Current.

The review must be set to CURRENT before the last day of the review month otherwise the plan will be set to Overdue in Islander Ready.

To complete the review process:

  1. Log into New Islander Ready
  2. Go to the front page of your plan
  3. Click the edit button and go to “Plans Details on the left side
  4. Click “Update Plan Status”. 
  5. Edit Page on right hand side of page
  6. In Manage Plan Status, click Update Plan Status at the top right side
  7. Change status from Due for Review to Current.
  8. Final step – confirm Plan Users are correct and updated.

2.  Access to your department's continuity plan is controlled by adding users and assigning roles on the Manage Access screen.

This section under plan details should be updated to remove or add individuals necessary to keep the continuity plan updated. 

Plan access roles are below for quick reference.


  • Plan Managers: 
    • Managers use this screen to control plan access.
    • The creator of the plan is automatically a manager.
    • Once granted, a person's access permissions remain valid until removed or changed via this screen.
    • Managers can add other Managers and edit the plan.
  • Plan Editors:
    • Users assigned the Plan Editor role can edit and view the plan but cannot manage access for other users.
    • Editors do not have access to this screen.
  • Plan Viewers:
    • Users assigned the Plan Viewer role can view, but not edit the plan.
    • Viewers do not have access to this screen.

If there are any questions or further instructions are required, please email