Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a refund?

  • For cash transaction refunds, please visit the SandDollar$ Office (UC 107 - 361-825-5978). For credit card refund requests, please refer to the credit card provider's number provided on the front of the Vending Machine. For Coca-Cola Machines after hour reporting or Credit refunds please call Coca-Cola at 1-800-647-2653.

Who do I call if my favorite item is out in a machine or has been removed?

  • Please contact SandDollar$ Office for re-stocking or other requests. (UC 107 - 361-825-5978)

How do I report if a vending machine is out of order?

  • Please use the QR Code located on the Vending machine to submit a report. To use the QR Code, point your phone towards the QR Code using your camera and click on the screen when prompted. This will take you to an email template, please complete the necessary information and submit your request. If you need further assistance, please contact SandDollar$ Office (UC 107 - 361-825-5978).

Why won't the machine give me my money back when it is out of a product?

  • Vending machines should not charge when the selected item is out of stock. The machine will display vending canceled - no charge message.

Does my SandDollar$ ID Card work on vending machines? If so, How?

  • On our campus, over 90% of the vending machines accept SandDollar$ ID Card. Please refer to the Vending machine location list linked here.

Will my dining dollars work on the vending machines?

  • No, but we have similar snack and drink options at the Wall Mall located in the Bay Hall building and at The Cove located in the University Center building.