Textbook Adoptions

Spring 2024 Adoption Period: October 9-13, 2023

In an effort to help control textbook costs for students, Congress approved the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. The Island University conducts textbook adoptions well in advance of the semester as a way to increase compliance with federal expectations. The intent is to encourage all the involved parties – faculty, students, administrators, bookstores, publishers, and distributors – to work together to decrease the cost of college textbooks and supplemental materials while maintaining academic freedom and high-quality course materials.

All faculty are required to submit an adoption for each of their courses (including labs, recitations, and practica) through the Campus Store portal. This is the case even if you are using the same textbook as the prior semester, the course does not require a textbook, you are using Open Educational Resources, or the students typically opt to purchase the textbook elsewhere. 

How to Submit Textbook Adoptions

Please visit the Follett Discover portal to enter your textbook adoptions. This portal allows you to discover, research, and adopt course materials all in one place. In addition to adopting traditional print materials, you can easily search and adopt nontraditional materials such as YouTube videos, OER, and MOOC content. 

How to Access Follett Discover 

  1. Go to S.A.I.L.
  2. Click on "Faculty & Staff Login"
  3. Enter your S.A.I.L. username and password
  4. Go to the "Faculty & Advisors" Menu
  5. Select "Campus Store"
  6. Start discovering! 

For courses without any required materials, select “I have no materials to adopt for this course.” If you would like to easily access your selections in a future semester, choose “Add to My Library” below the “Adopt” button on the textbook’s page within the portal. 

Material Usage Options

  • Required is the status for books that are being used by all students in your class. This should be a title that students cannot finish your course without.
  • Recommended is the status for books that are supplemental to your course and completely optional for your students. This should be a title that you do not expect your students to purchase.

For further assistance, please watch the 5-minute Follett Discover faculty tutorial.

Please note: the course and section must be assigned to you by your department in Banner order for you to adopt in the Follett Discover portal.

If you have questions about textbook adoptions, please contact the Campus Store at 2165txt@follett.com (textbook specialist) or 2165asm@follett.com (store manager), or call 361.825.2603.