Master of Science in Engineering

The Engineering MS program will:

  • Allow each student to choose a concentration in one of the disciplines of civil, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering. 
  • Have a thesis option and a non-thesis option.  The thesis option will require 33 semester credit hours (SCH) and the non-thesis option will require 36 SCH.  All students take a common required core of 12 SCH, consisting of three lecture courses and two seminar courses.  Students will take 9 SCH of prescribed electives in their chosen concentrations.  Thesis-option students will take an additional 6 SCH of free electives and 6 SCH of research/thesis.  Non-thesis-option students will take 12 SCH of free electives plus 3 SCH for a capstone projects course. 
  • Provide students with the fundamental background and training that will prepare them to pursue research, further graduate study involving research, or positions in industry at higher levels than those that are available to students with a Bachelor’s degree only.
  • The core classes in mathematics and experimental methods are standard for such programs, as are the concentrations in specific discipline areas. 

The programs in Engineering at A&M-Corpus Christi are all housed in a single Department of Engineering, and the common Master of Science in Engineering, including the single set of educational objectives listed above, will make use of the commonality among the engineering programs and their faculties to facilitate multidisciplinary studies and research leading to the MS degree.